A Memory to Cherish Forever

sapulidi   September 27, 2016  

I knew from the day that my daughter entered high school that it was going to be a magical time for her. She was going to grow in so many ways, and I wanted to cherish every one of those moments. For some of them, I got to experience them with her. For others, I just had to watch from the sidelines, but that was okay too. I knew that when a boy she likes a lot asked her to the prom, it was a sideline moment. I had already looked into how much a prom party bus rental would cost, and several of us parents talked about going in on one together.

We wanted to wait and make sure that everyone was going first before we told the kids about it. We didn’t want to have just a handful go and the party bus idea not work out. However, this is high school, and this is a huge night for them, so it worked out. There were 12 couples who decided to go together, and thankfully all of the parents were in the position to go in on the party bus together.

It made all of us feel better, knowing that our kids could just focus on the magic of the night. We didn’t want them worrying about driving, parking, or anything else other than the fun at hand. None of them knew about this until a few weeks before their prom night, and they were all so excited. My daughter showed me dozens of pictures of them on the party bus that night, and it just made my heart burst with happiness for her. Yes, it was a sideline moment for me, but it was a wonderful night for her. This will be one of those nights that she will cherish for the rest of her life.